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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: May 4, 2020

Often times we dream of having the fairy tale life. As a little girl you played dress up and and practiced walking down the aisle. When you became older you had your wedding colors, venue and ideal picture of Mr. Right in our minds; only to be left with emptiness. Frustrated, you wonder why after kissing so many frogs, Mr. Right has not arrived. Could it be that you have forgotten how to love you first. Here are a few ways that you can start loving you right so that Mr. Right will know how to love you when he comes.

1. Start to practice positive self-talk ex. I am worthy of unconditional love

2. Believe that God has equipped me with all of the tools needed to be an excellent helpmate

3. Practice self love daily by being patient with yourself

4. Practice being kind to yourself

5. Practice stopping negative thoughts mid-thought and replace with positive

6. Date yourself ex. Take yourself to a really nice night out

7. Teach yourself how you should be treated and let it become a routine

8. Practice self-care daily ex. put it on the schedule

9. Find the things that make you laugh

10. Always take time for yourself and remember that you loved yourself, first!

Ladies, put this list into action today. How can you expect a man to treat you right and find value in you if you have failed to demonstrate it to him. If you are walking around looking tired, mean and bothered because you are frustrated that you have not been found yet, you have the game twisted. Practice loving on yourself the right way before you expect someone else to do it. Loving on yourself, is the best way to teach someone how you'd like it to be done.

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