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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 easy steps

Updated: May 4, 2020

Who wants to go to therapy? We often talk ourselves out of talking to someone who will not judge you, who will be there to give you their undivided attention and not share your business with anyone, when we need a little push. But again, who wants to go to therapy? We would rather talk endlessly to our friends and leave the conversation the same way that we came. I am proud to be a Therapist who uses therapy services often and suggest that you do too. Why? Because it's cool and it is useful. Going to counseling can be tough because the process will require you to move outside of your comfort zone. But if you decide to embark on the journey you just might find yourself growing beyond your problems.

Why do you need to grow? I do not know, maybe you don't but if you struggle with recurring negative thoughts, self imposed pressure to complete tasks and pent up aggression you may have underlying anxiety. This anxiety could be due to stress, financial instability, relationship failure and feelings of unworthiness to name a few. Or you just may be hard on yourself and feel like crap because you are not where you thought you should be in your life at the current moment.

Listen, if this sounds like you, please pay attention to 8 easy steps to freeing yourself from anxieties.

1. Develop a simple daily routine to get your day started

2. Manage who you are speaking to on the phone early in the morning-create a atmosphere of positivity and invite others to participate.

3. Do not take calls, check emails or open social media until you have meditated, read your inspirational text and made your bed.

4. Get to moving etc., dance, walk outside, do online workouts, and floor exercises

5. Take concentrated breathes and get to a quiet space

6. Listen to relaxing classical music

7. Gather your favorite bath products, light a candle and take a relaxing bath

8. Create a safe and sacred space that promotes healing in they way that you feel you need it most.

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